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From Altamira to Picasso: Artistic and Literary Representation from Realism to Metafiction

Course Description: 

Texts in fine and literary arts with emphasis on the origins and development of Spain¿s art history between realistic and fictional stages from Altamira to Picasso, through Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Modern and Post-modern times in El Greco, Velázquez, Cervantes, Goya, Gaudí, Dalí, Picasso, Borges, Almodóvar and other authors. Emphasis on fine arts with a historical approach. Occasional attendance to fine art (El Prado, Reina Sofía, Thyssen Museums), cinema, and literary events (El Quijote public reading), besides regular classes at the Stanford Center. Taught in Spanish.

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Overseas Studies in Madrid
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