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Hip Hop Madrid: La Globalizacion de la Cultura, Arte, y Politica de Hip Hop

Course Description: 

Hip Hop Culture has become both the most profound and the most perplexing cultural, musical, and linguistic movement of our times. This course, which functions as an exploratory research group, considers how youth in Spain, including immigrant youth from North Africa and South Asia, are creating and consuming Hip Hop cultural texts (spoken word, music, film, video, other forms of visual and media arts). In addition to reading texts and analyzing films, our collective work as a class is to explore Hip Hop in Spain, a vibrant, richly-diverse Hip Hop scene. How are youth in Spain making use of Hip Hop to address contemporary social, political, and economic realities? How are they expressing their concerns and their multifaceted identities (across, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, citizenship, etc.) through Hip Hop cultural production and consumption? How are local community organizations and Hip Hop activists harnessing the cultural power of Hip Hop for education and social justice? This course will include a field trip to Barcelona to visit with La Llama Rap Colectivo, a group of immigrant youth who produce Hip Hop that speaks to contemporary sociopolitical issues in their neighborhood like police brutality, racism/sexism, religious discrimination, immigration and education. Enrollment limited, instructor permission required. Prerequisite: SPANLANG 13C, 13R or 23B

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Overseas Studies in Madrid
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