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News from Asia

Regional News from Stanford University - Asia

News Item Faculty grants fund globally minded research

Stanford's Office for International Affairs awarded faculty funds for international research on development economics, water and sanitation issues, innovation, health care and migration.

News Item Bringing rasa to the hospital

The room is thick with sweat; we watch the windows cry. The fans seem to be cycling hot air, blowing it back in our faces sarcastically. This is Kolkata heat, to which there are no perfect antidotes: not billowy cotton blouses, nor cold lime lollies, nor dips in the swimming pool.

News Item “We have been very successful in training high-tech innovators in the last 15 years:” A look at Stanford Biodesign

In classic Silicon Valley style, it began with an informal group of about a dozen physicians and engineers wanting to invent new medical devices desperately needed by patients. They came together under the rubric Stanford Biodesign and began training others on the discipline of technology innovation.