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News from Asia

Regional News from Stanford University - Asia

News Item Enabling entrepreneurs to alleviate India’s energy poverty

An estimated 360 million to 460 million people in India have little or no access to electricity. That’s roughly a third of the people in one of the world’s most populous countries, and more than the United States and Canada’s populations combined. In terms of these raw numbers, India suffers from the most extreme energy poverty in the world.

News Item “I feel lighter”: A look at domestic violence in Bangladesh

Nabeela waited for her contraceptive injection with the slack of her sari pulled low over her forehead. The pharmacist, her long braid neatly oiled, dove a needle into the muscle of her patient’s left arm with easy grace. In the waiting room, Nabeela’s fourth child, almost ten months old, bounced on her sister’s lap. The space barely accommodated the women who lined up each morning, leaving daily chores in the hands of their daughters, most of whom had been pulled out of school for just this purpose.

News Item New device improves contraceptive options for women in the developing world

Many women in the developing world say they don’t want to get pregnant in the 18 months after childbirth, but they don’t have access to family planning services. Now a Stanford researcher has invented a new, low-cost option for these women that would enable them to obtain long-term contraception just after delivery.