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News from Europe

Regional News from Stanford University - Europe

News Item Clinton at Stanford: Global alliances key to ending terrorism

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said this week's attacks in Belgium were a "brutal reminder" that the United States and its allies must work even more closely in their counterterrorism efforts: "We cannot contain ISIS. We must defeat ISIS."

News Item The Stanford Global Projects Center

Building and maintaining civil and social infrastructure is a massive and complicated task. Yet it is an essential responsibility of any society. Developing countries strain to build enough new infrastructure to improve the living standards of their burgeoning urban populations, whereas developed ones struggle to maintain and expand existing infrastructure assets. These projects require cross-national and cross-sectoral coordination due to their scale, their impact on population and environment as well as their complexity of financing and governance.

News Item Five Lessons in Leadership from Manchester United’s Former Manager

A retired Scottish footballer and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist don’t seem like the likeliest of friends and collaborators. But Alex Ferguson, the long-time manager of the ultra-successful Manchester United team, and Michael Moritz, the chairman of Sequoia Capital, have more in common than you might suspect.