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News from North America

Regional News from Stanford University - North America

News Item Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events

A team of leading U.S. climate scientists including Stanford’s Noah Diffenbaugh evaluated the likelihood of extreme events from heat waves and droughts to tornadoes and cyclones.

April 8, 2013

News Item American West's changing climate spells economic changes, too

The State of the West Symposium, hosted by the Bill Lane Center for the American West and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, featured a discussion of the Western United States' future of extreme heat, declining snowpack, and what it all means for the region's industry, electricity generation and policy.

News Item Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP)

Jennifer Saltzman, Stanford School of Earth Sciences Director of Outreach Education, is participating in the Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP), a 28-day research cruise, and will be sharing stories about the expedition to understand earthquake nucleation at