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News from South America

Regional News from Stanford University - South America

News Item How a link from afar saves children in Latin America

Frances Stock, MD, is the lone pediatric oncologist in her city of Merida, Venezuela, where she cares for about 1,000 patients, some of whom travel by burro on dirt roads for treatment. She earns the equivalent of $18 a month for her work at a government-run hospital, sometimes paying for medications herself for her young patients, most of whom are very poor.

News Item The Stanford Global Projects Center

Building and maintaining civil and social infrastructure is a massive and complicated task. Yet it is an essential responsibility of any society. Developing countries strain to build enough new infrastructure to improve the living standards of their burgeoning urban populations, whereas developed ones struggle to maintain and expand existing infrastructure assets. These projects require cross-national and cross-sectoral coordination due to their scale, their impact on population and environment as well as their complexity of financing and governance.