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2014 Archives

International News from Stanford University - 2014

News Item Climate change affecting European farmers

New Stanford research reveals that farmers in Europe will see crop yields affected as global temperatures rise, but that adaptation can help slow the decline for some crops.

News Item U.S. corn increasingly vulnerable to drought

U.S. corn yields are growing more sensitive to heat and drought, according to research by environmental scientist David Lobell. Farmers are faced with difficult tradeoffs in adapting to a changing climate in which unfavorable weather will become more common.

News Item Climate Change to Intensify African Weather Systems

Climate change could strengthen African easterly waves, which could in turn have consequences for rainfall in the Sahel region of northern Africa, formation of Atlantic hurricanes and dust transport across the Atlantic Ocean.

News Item Icelandic volcano eruption proves Stanford professor’s hypothesis

A new study confirms a prediction made by Paul Segall that measurements of ground movement near a volcano vary with eruption rate. These measurements can be used to probe the properties of the magma chamber deep in the earth's crust, and potentially lead to better forecasts of future behavior.