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2015 Archives

International News from Stanford University - 2015

News Item Stanford journalist returns to old post in India – and finds health care still lagging

Three Stanford seniors and a second-year School of Medicine student spent their summer investigating India’s complicated health-care system — and I got to go along for part of the ride.

It had been a decade since I’d been back to India. I was the South Asia bureau chief for The Associated Press from 2000 to 2005, based in New Delhi. It was among the best assignments of my life.

News Item Technology provides insight into Voltaire and his social networks

Facebook and LinkedIn are just a few of the social networking platforms that are popular today. With a simple click, you can “friend” or “connect” with just about anybody in the world, but there was a time not too long ago when this wasn’t the case. In contrast, putting pen to paper and writing letters has been a way to communicate with others for hundreds of years. However, technology has added a new element to how humanities scholars study letters and texts.

News Item Rare African genes might reduce risks to pregnant women and their infants

When Hugo Hilton began working at Stanford as a young researcher several years ago, his supervisor set him to work on a minor problem so he could practice some standard lab techniques. His results, however, were anything but standard. His supervisor — senior research scientist Paul Norman — told him to do the work over, convinced the new guy had made a mistake. But Hilton, got the same result the second time, so Norman made him do it over again.