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Genomic characterization of an Infection-associated cancer, Stanford University and Bilharz Research Institute

Pathogenomic evaluation of host and parasite genetic characteristics in squamous cell cancer of the bladder in Northern and Western Africa (a collaboration with Prof. O. Hammam and the Bilharz Research Institute in Giza, Egypt).


Giza, Egypt

Principal Investigator:

Ami Bhatt

Current Research Interests: 
Our lab seeks to exhaustively characterize the dynamics of the microbiome in patients with noncommunicable diseases (cancer, cardiometabolic disease), and to explore how changes in the microbiome are associated with clinical outcomes in this population.

Our Lab's Goals and Objectives:
a) We strive to better understand what microbial genes do, and how these genes are regulated
b) We hope to understand if shifts in the microbiome are associated with human disease phenotypes.
c) If alterations in the microbiome are associated with human disease phenotypes, develop methods...
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