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Global Citizen Scientists & Neighborhood Eating & Activity Advocacy Projects, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Community organizations, health depts., universities and organizations in US and internationally

The NEAAT initiative encompasses a variety of research, environmental and policy-oriented projects aimed at empowering residents as "citizen scientists" to gather relevant information about their environments, build consensus around key issues impacting healthy lifestyles, and advocate effectively for change with local decision makers. Projects have been or are being conducted in northern California, Arizona, upstate New York, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil.


Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, EU, Paraguay, Asia, San Francisco Bay area

Principal Investigator:

Abby C. King

Current Research Interests: 
My interests include the applications of behavioral theory and social ecological approaches to achieve large scale change in chronic disease prevention and health promotion areas of relevance, in particular, to mid-life and older adults as well as underserved communities; studying influences of the built and social environments on health behaviors and outcomes; expanding the reach and translation of evidence-based interventions through the use of state-of-the-art communication technologies; applying community-based participatory research perspectives to address health disparities among...
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