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Kenya Gender-based violence prevention programs, Stanford University

Sexual assault is a major cause of injury, unplanned pregnancy, HIV infection, and mental health issues worldwide. In parts of sub-Saharan Africa, sexual assault has reached epidemic proportions. Our team is involved in studies evaluating interventions to reduce GBV in Kenya. These include: (1) researching the efficacy of an empowerment and self-defense intervention for adolescent girls in to decrease the incidence of sexual assault and harassment in Nairobi’s large informal settlements and (2) evaluating a micro-finance intervention aimed at improving economic conditions and decreasing GBV among survivors of intimate partner violence.



Principal Investigator:

Yvonne Maldonado

Current Research Interests: 
The research I have conducted has been focused on epidemiologic aspects of viral vaccine development and prevention of perinatal HIV transmission. A major project has been to identify the molecular epidemiology of factors affecting the immunogenicity of oral polio vaccine (OPV) among children living in developing areas of the world, where OPV immunogenicity is poor. We have identified several factors which affect the poor immunogenicity of OPV and will conduct clinical studies to attempt to improve immunogenicity. We are now working on ways to understand the transmission and circulation of...
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