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Rural Health and Development At the Food Water Nexus: Kenya, Civil Environmental Enginering Dept., Stanford University

This project will explore water-nutrition-health interconnections and will serve as a stepping stone toward the development of theoretical and experimental paradigms linking water, agriculture, and health. The broad goals of the project are 1) to investigate the interactions between household productive and domestic water use, nutritional outcomes, and infectious disease, and 2) to identify local interventions and policy responses that are likely to improve overall health outcomes. More specifically, the project will identify the extent which, and potential causal mechanisms by which, access to domestic and productive water supplies and associated nutritional benefits affect the progression of both HIV and TB among adults living in rural African households.



Principal Investigator:

Jenna Davis

Current Research Interests: 
Professor Davis’ research and teaching is focused at the interface of engineered water supply and sanitation systems and their users in developing countries. With a background in public health, infrastructure planning, and environmental science & engineering, Davis explores questions related to interventions that trigger household investment in water, sanitation, and hygiene improvements; the features of water and sanitation services that users value and why; and the health and economic impacts of improvements in water supply and sanitation. She has conducted field research in more than a...
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