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Strengthening the Research Ecosystem for Sustainability Research in India, Stanford University

This interdisciplinary research project is prompted by the persistent neglect of environmental sustainability by nationally and regionally sponsored agricultural research programs designed to enhance food security in India. This project goes outside the usual sources of analysis and uses feminist philosophy of science to draw lessons and build capacities for the integration of climate policy with agriculture-food development policy in India. It analyses the environmental values and conceptualisations in science, development interventions and outcomes. The purpose is to demonstrate and enable climate-friendly problem statements and participatory knowledge-policy continuums in India’s agri-food system.
The project will have two main foci: a critical one and a constructive one. The critical task will be the examination of calls for research and other policy documents generated by national and regional bodies. The aim will be to identify how climate insensitivity gets built into research through its framing by calls for proposals. Our assumption is that when environmental sustainability is not incorporated explicitly into calls, the result is research that continues the same climate unfriendly practices. The questions, assumptions, spcifications of goals of applied research are all infused with values. The challenge is identifying those values and discerning how they are shaping the research that results. The constructive focus will be the articulation of research frameworks that simultaneously address food security and environmental sustainability. To this end, the principal investigators will conduct capacity building workshops with multiple constituencies, including policy makers, researchers, and NGOs, S&T write-shops, policy dialogues, and produce research publications. This process will focus on building anticipatory, responsive and reflective capacities within Block level S&T-policy-practice communities in two farming systems for climate friendly agricultural development.


New Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, IndiaDr. Rajeswari Raina, National Institute for Science, Technology, and Development Studies (NISTADS), New Delhi, India;


  • Rajeswari Raina, Dr., National Institute for Science, Technology, and Development Studies (NISTADS), New Delhi, India
  • Vijay Shankar, Director, Samaj Prgati Sahyog (SPS), Madhya Pradesh, India