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Understanding northern Central Asian surface uplift and erosion history and constraints on the tectonic and climatic evolution, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan (2014 - 2019)

Field and computational modeling study the relationship between climate and tectonics


Kazakhstan, Mongolia

Principal Investigator:

Stephan Graham

Current Research Interests: 
My research centers on the origins, evolution, and energy resources of sedimentary basins, employing multiple methodologies on outcrop and subsurface data sets. A principal research focus, in collaboration with Professor Donald Lowe, is the characterization of deep-marine siliciclastic coarse-grained sediment accumulations (submarine fans). A second, long-running research effort lies in the tectonic evolution of eastern Asia (China and Mongolia), as reflected in the fill of sedimentary basins. A third principal research area is the relationship between mountain building and...
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