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Featured Research from Stanford University

Project Intestinal Worms, Stanford University / Rural Education Action Program

Principal Investigator:

The overall goal of our project is to assess the relationship between worm prevalence and indicators of rural Chinese children’s health, academic performance, and raw cognitive function. Those indicators include anemia, performance on a standardized math exam, and performance on an internationally-scaled test of executive function* (working memory and processing speed).


Guizhou, China

Project Evaluation of Hip Kinematic in Cadaver Model, Stanford University and Rizzoli Institute, Bologna, Italy (2007 - 2007)

Principal Investigator:

This was a study of hip kinematics performed at Stanford University and the PAlo Alto Veteran's Administration Hospital / Bone and Joint Research Center, using technology developed at the Rizzoli Institute in Bologna, Italy. Cadaveric hips were studied to better understand hip function and motion.


Stanford University and Bologna, Italy