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Featured Research from Stanford University

Project Promoting population-wide programs to prevent chronic disease in low-income countries, Ministry of Health of Paraguay, National University of Paraguay

Principal Investigator:

Collaborate with health officials, scientists, community organizations, and residents of Paraguay to initiate a culturally-tailored set of programs and strategies aimed at reducing noncommunicable diseases in Paraguay. This program is part of the Stanford Healthy Aging & Technology Solutions (HARTS) laboratory's "borderless health promotion" initiative.



Project SINOPROBE in western Tibet: the Karakoram Fault, Stanford and SINOPROBE

Principal Investigator:

We have partnered with SinoProbe, the Chinese national scientific program led by CAGS (Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences) to study the lithosphere. We are helping to design experiments and analyze and interpret the resultant near-vertical and wide-angle seismic profiles across the Karakoram Fault (and elsewhere in Tibet).